About Us

taxiID is an Amsterdam based company providing end-to-end cloud solutions for taxi companies. Founded as a startup that successfully introduced smartphone taxi booking in The Netherlands, nowadays taxiID offers a wide range of IT solutions to serve the taxi market.

Embraced by over 3000  taxi companies worldwide, the taxiID solutions have proven to be a reliable set of tools for all size businesses. Whether you are an independent taxi company with 2 cars or a company with a large fleet, our affordable solutions are powerful and flexible enough to meet all needs.

Our goal is to deliver affordable, time-saving solutions for taxi companies. taxiID Products allow convenient planning and dispatching and does not require local installation. Just log in from any standard PC or tablet to start working.

Sign up your company to unlock our high-end online booking tools that allow convenient booking and payment through your website and solutions that allow professional service for your corporate clients. taxiID offers turn-key solutions, you will have your business up and running within an hour.